Tour Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What are the due dates?

A.   The $200 pledge and online tour contract registration are due February 20, 2023.  We would appreciate to submit ASAP in order to get a count to reserve you space on the tour.  A separate $200 pledge and tour contract is needed for each performer/accompany traveler.  Please send check or money order to:

   Hawaii All State Marching Band  

   P O  Box 861117

   Wahiawa, HI  96786-1117

If you have selected monthly payment plan - the payment has been now revised - starting February 25, 2028.  Cancellations must be submitted before March 1, 2023.

Q.  I do not see the "Green (Signature) Button" located on the left side of the Performer/Accompany Travelers Online Form.

A.   The Green Button should be located on the upper left hand corner of the Tour Contract Form.  Please contact Charles Iwanaga if this not the case. 

Q.  I am nominated as a senior and I am not sure where I will be in the fall (maybe mainland).  

A.  You are still included in fall as you would continue to practice on your own.  We have had alumni and military families who need to move in past HASMB who still participate and go on tour.

Q.  Would my younger son/daughter be able to travel with us? If so, would the cost be same? 

A.  Yes, cost is same per rooming choice.

Q.  Would all 4 of us, my husband, myself, son/daughter (performer) and my other son/daughter be able to stay in the same room?

A.  No.   Performer generally room with other performers.  Accompany Travelers are in the same hotel but the itineraries differ.  We only allow exception due to medical needs.

Q.  Does the parents have to be there for rehearsal? Are parents allowed at rehearsal? 

A.  We ask accompany travelers to do light duty chaperoning - wake up, evening room checks and late afternoon buddy check during the excursions.  There may be some request for assistance for meals or other tasks.  Parent are allowed at rehearsal pending space on bus and itinerary.

Q.  It look like the uniforms are an extra cost? General in the past, what is the cost for that?

A.  John Riggle will have to respond to this question.  I can only answer to general group administration and tour related questions.